The Coffman Farm.

Our 60 acre farm, located in central Michigan, has produced corn, soybeans, and wheat.

The (nearby) property once owned by John Coffman appears in the 1864 Plat Map (with Index) of Eagle Township, Clinton County.

Adam and Corn

Pictured below are a few pieces of the vintage farm equipment that used to be in our back woods. We had most of them hauled away a while ago.

Cement Mixer.

[cement mixer]

4 Hole Hog Feeder.

[hog feeder]

Manure Spreader.

[manure spreader]

Tractor Pulled Side Delivery Rake.

used to windrow hay.


1-Row Cornpicker.

pulled by tractor - followed by wagon for whole ears of corn.

[corn picker]




This is still there.

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