S407 Survey of Spanish Literature I F. Jehle

Cantar de mio Cid
- primer cantar
  1. Fecha aproximada de composición: 1140 (not the date of the manuscript)
  2. Términos:
  3. Opening of the poem: The first lines have been lost. The situation is that the Cid, who occupied an important post under King Alfonso of Castille, has been accused by rivals of skimming off for himself some of the taxes he collected for the king. The king believes this charge and orders that the Cid be exiled from Castille, giving him a deadline by which he has to be out of the country. The first part of the poem deals with the Cid's preparations for this exile.
  4. READ the poem, try to understand it as best you can, then THINK about it. You might consider such points as:

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