S407 Survey of Spanish Literature I F. Jehle

CANTAR DE MIO CID - 3º cantar
  1. Términos:
  2. Preguntas:
    1. The first scene deals with a lion. What might the lion represent, or what are some reasons for this episode being included?
    2. The footnotes (e.g., #81) explain how for the Arabs --especially the Almorávides-- the conflict with the Christians is a Holy War, a crusade (crusada). Is the Cid portrayed as engaging in a crusade? Why or why not?
    3. The last lines on p. 33 refer to "una técnica perfectamente dramática" seen on the following pages (the scene with the Cid and his men in a type of courtroom setting). Why or how is this so?
    4. In the series of challenges and replies, the Cid has his subordinates challenge and subsequently fight the infantes. Why doesn't he do it himself?
    5. Compare/contrast the opening scenes of the poem and the concluding lines.
    6. In your opinion, what is/are the main idea(s) in the poem?
    7. What is the most frequently used assonance in the final cantar? Write out two lines (or more) of verse in the style of the CMC using this assonance.
  3. For class sessions, be prepared to: