S210 Second Year Spanish Composition F. Jehle
Spring, 2000 MWF 11:00-11:50, CM246

Course Information

The primary goal of the course is to help students improve their writing skills in Spanish. To accomplish this, the course will include: 1) a rapid review of Spanish grammar (primarily verb forms and their usage); 2) study of syntax, style, and aspects of composition; 3) practice in writing Spanish in a variety of contexts and styles. Students will be required to hand in a written assignment, in Spanish, for most classes.

Students will often have the option of translating from English to Spanish a passage composed by the instructor or of writing their own original composition in Spanish. In either case, each student must do his/her own work (not copied from any other source) and must hand it in on time. Work that is submitted late may be docked two full letter grades or more, unless the student: 1) has a valid excuse, and 2) informs the instructor of the reason on or before the day the exercise is due, or as soon as possible thereafter in case of an emergency.

No textbook is required for the course, although each student will be expected to purchase a good English-Spanish/Spanish-English dictionary. Since the daily exercises, explanations, and handouts may be designed specifically for this particular group of students and their progress and problems, the attached syllabus and the assignments listed on it must be understood as tentative and subject to change at any time. Students are responsible for attending all classes; if a student is not able to attend a class, he/she is responsible for ascertaining the nature of the assignment for the following class and for picking up the pertinent material or making arrangements to get it.

The student's final grade in the course will be based primarily on the written assignments (60%), plus class attendance and participation (20%), and the final exam (20%). The final exam will consist of formal exercises, including translation, plus an original in-class composition, but without the help of textbooks and dictionaries.

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