S210 Second-Year Spanish Composition F. Jehle

Práctica - cosas misceláneas

  1. Tradúzcase al español.

    1. General Sanchez ordered his soldiers to fire. [to fire = disparar]

    2. When we find our mother we can go home.

    3. Start writing now [ustedes]. Don't wait until Dr. Garcia comes.

    4. If you [] really knew me, you wouldn't ask me to do that.

    5. We don't want you [] to leave the room.

    6. She won't dance unless you do.

    7. Are there any companies that are looking for employees?

    8. Don't act [vosotros] as if you know it all. [to act = actuar, comportarse]

  2. Tradúzcase al español.

    1. Unless I'm mistaken, we've been working for seven or eight hours.

    2. I'd go to Florida if I could.

    3. We wanted him to come with us.

    4. Do you have any tapes you can loan me? [the tape = la cinta]

    5. She gave me a kiss before I left. [the kiss = el beso]

    6. I wish you [] were going with me.

    7. She wrote me a letter more than a year and a half ago.

    8. Would you [usted] have made the trip if you had had the chance? [the chance = la oportunidad]

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