S311 Spanish Grammar F. Jehle
Spring, 2001 F 3:00-5:00 p.m., CM 252

Course information

     This course is a special section offered as a directed readings course for one student.
     The course is designed to increase the student's control of Spanish grammar so she can more accurately and correctly express herself in written and spoken Spanish. A secondary goal is to develop the student's understanding of the terminology and rules of grammar so she can better understand how the language functions and be better prepared for the possibility of teaching it in the future. To achieve these goals and to increase the student's reading and listening abilities in Spanish, she will be required to:

  1. Read all assigned grammar explanations in the textbook. The book is written in Spanish. The student is encouraged to consult other reference materials including ones in English, but must read our textbook and learn the terminology it uses.
  2. Do all the assigned grammar exercises from the exercise book and any handouts prepared by the instructor. The student is to write out all the replies for the even-numbered questions for regular grammar/vocabulary exercises of a chapter for a typical class period. She may write the answers in the book.
  3. Workbook. The student will not be required to do exercises in the workbook for this course.
  4. Write occasional compositions in Spanish incorporating as far as possible the grammatical structures being studied.
  5. Attend all classes, participate in class discussions and exercises, and use Spanish in the classroom.
  6. Show mastery of the material in the five scheduled tests and any quizes. The content of each test, including to some extent the final exam, will focus primarily on the material covered since the previous test; however, language is a cumulative process, and material covered in earlier chapters must necessarily reappear in subsequent tests. [A project of some type may also be required, but a final decision has not been made.]

     Note: Work handed in late will be given a reduced grade and no make-up tests will be given, except in cases of emergency or where the student makes arrangement with the professor in advance.

     The students' final grade in the course will be based on: class participation and preparation (25%), written assignments (25%), and exams and quizes (50%).

    The following text is required: Avanzando: Gramática española y lectura, 4th edition, by Sara Lequerica de la Vega and Carmen Salazar. John Wiley & Sons, 1997.  [The accompanying workbook is not required.]

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