Regarding the Chronology:

I converted the Word document to HTML (via WordPerfect because Word puts too much junk in the HTML code) and inserted it into the Index file. If you'd like, I could make it a separate file, instead.

I added "Cronología (traducida por Mauricio A. López Langenbach)" to the sets of links (mini table of contents) in the Index file.

I made the borders of the table cells visible; I thought it made the material easier to read. However, I can easily make them invisible if you prefer.

Here are minor editorial changes I made, plus a question or two:

1544, 24 de noviembre) [I added an opening parenthesis.]

1583, verano-otoño) [I deleted the clothing parenthesis.]

1584, septiembre: CERVANTES en Esquivias, donde conoce a su futura esposa y oye historias del personaje que inspirará al Quijote, el fray Alonso de Salazar [I put Quijote in italics, because of the el in front of it.]

1588, 17 de junio - [Should I delete final hyphen or add a question mark at the end?]

1588, 29 de julio -12 de agosto [I enclosed the dates in parentheses, like the other two columns.]

1592, 7 de enero - 3 de mayo: CERVANTES como comisario en territorio de Jaén (Olivares, Porcuña, Aguilar, Martos, Alcaudete, Arjona, Lopera, Arjonilla, Marmolejo, Monturque, Linares, Begíjar, Villanueva, Las Navas [I added a closing parenthesis.]

1596, fines de julio) [I added oppening parenthesis.]

(1597, 6 de noviembre): (muerte de Catalina, hija de Felipe II [I added a closing parenthesis.]

1606, verano u otoño): CERVANTES y su esposa se radican en Madrid [I deleted the closing parenthesis for the date.]

Se edita Novelas de CERVANTES [No date was given; there was only a period in the cell.]

(1614, octubre): (circula en Madrid el "falso Quijote" de "Avellaneda") [I added italics: "el falso _Quijote_".]

(1615, principios de años) [I deleted s: año.]

1616, 22 de abril (no el tradicional 23 de abril): fallece CERVANTES: I, 460 (1er n. 1); VII, 444-464 [I changed 1er to 1ra (with superscript).]