S210 Second-Year Spanish Composition F. Jehle

Writing notes...

  1. Write a note to a friend asking her to loan you 25 dollars.  It's urgent because you need to buy a new coat which is only on sale through this weekend (and you lost all your credit cards and  had to cancel them).  You will pay her back as soon as you get your pay check.

  2. Write a note to a co-worker, expressing your sympathy on the death of his mother.  She was a wonderful person who help you in many ways. Volunteer your help in whatever he might need it in this time of need.

  3. You are the acting manager of an apartment complex. Write a note to a resident informing him that for the third time you have had complaints about the loud music coming from his apartment, and that if this happens again you will have to evict him.

  4. Write a note of apology to a your aunt; she sent you a beautiful silver vase for your wedding six months ago; the reason for the delay is that you thought that your husband/wife had written a thank-you note to her months ago.  Of course, both you and your new spouse love the gift.

  5. Write a note to your daughter's school requesting permission for your daughter to be let out of school one hour early this afternoon; she has a stomach problem and you have to take her to the doctor.  This is the only time you could get an appointment to see the doctor.

  6. Write a brief note of recommendation for a fellow student to a prospective employer, Mrs. Rodríguez.  You've known him for 2 years, and he's very dependable and hard working.  Of course, you'll gladly give the prospective employer any additional information if she might need it.

  7. Write an (e-mail) note to one of your colleagues at work congratulating her on her promotion; you know she is perfect for the new job and you want to wish her good luck. You can add that you will miss seeing her so often, since she will now be in a different part of the building.

  8. Write a note to a friend inviting him/her to your graduation next month. You would love to have that person with you to celebrate your special day; in fact, the day just wouldn't be complete without him/her being there.  Of course he/she shouldn't buy you a gift; their presence would be the best gift of all.

  9. Your son is having problems with a sore throat and slept in this morning.  Before you leave for work you write him a note telling him to call the doctor's office and make an appointment to see the doctor.  Give him permission to drive the car to the appointment (and to use your credit card to pay for the office visit).

  10. Write a note to your cable company (or internet service provider) to accompany the payment of your bill, telling them that you have to cancel their service.  You hate to do this and you have been a customer for several years, but their service has become intolerable (feel free to explain or give examples).

  11. You just received a letter announcing a contest that will award one million dollars to the person who writes the best note —in 100 words or less— explaining what they would do if they won the money. Write such a note.

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