S312 Written Composition in Spanish

Spring, 1997
Fred F. Jehle

Course Information

The primary goal of the course is to develop the students' abilities so they can express themselves clearly and effectively in Spanish, particularly in the types of tasks typically encountered by Spanish majors and minors such as summaries, reports, essays, exam questions, and term papers.
To achieve this goal, students will:

1. Study the organizational requirements of three principal types of writing: description, narration, and exposition.

2. Study the commonly accepted stylistic traditions of nonliterary Spanish.

3. Practice writing and revising descriptions, narratives, and expository essays.

4. Learn techniques for writing reports and essay examinations.

5. Practice proofreading their own and others' materials for errors in grammar, organization, and style.

Throughout the course students will do grammar exercises, focusing on the grammar topics which account for the highest number of errors made by students at this level, such as ser vs. estar, preterit vs. imperfect, use of the subjunctive, relative pronouns, and use of the definite article.

Students will write an original composition in Spanish for each of the chapters studied in the text. Compositions will be due on the date given in the syllabus and will only be accepted late with an accompanying written explanation in Spanish and a ten percentage point reduction in grade for each class day passed. Students will be expected to keep all graded compositions together in a folder.

The course will be conducted in Spanish and students are expected to use the language in the classroom.

Evaluation of students' performance will be based on class participation (15%), compositions and other written assignments (70%), and the final exam/essay (15%).

Required texts:

1. Composición: Proceso y síntesis, 2nd ed., by Valdés, Dvorak, and Hannum. Random House, 1989.

2. Manual de ejercicios, Composición: Proceso y síntesis, 2nd ed., by Valdés, Dvorak, and Hannum.

3. A good English-Spanish Spanish-English dictionary.

Last revised: Mar. 6, 1997
Fred F. Jehle