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Study Aids - Don Quijote, Primera Parte: Prólogo - Capítulo 10

Título (p. 1):

Accompanying materials (pp. 2-6). You may skip this part.

Prólogo (pp. 7-12):

Poesías (pp. 13-19):

Capítulo 1: This begins the "first part" [first section] of the "First Part" [first volume, the one published in 1605].

Capítulo 2, Don Quijote at the first inn:

Capítulo 3. The knighting ceremony:

Capítulo 4. The first adventure of our "knighted" Don Quijote, Andrew:


You do remember that:

  1. Romances are Spanish ballads: they tell a story poetically, and are characterized metrically by eight-syllable lines with asonancia (assonance) in the even-numbered lines.
  2. Asonancia is a type of rhyme in which the vowels are the same starting with the last stressed vowel; consonants are ignored, e.g.:
    • muertas and bella [feminine rhyme: two syllables are involved, an accented syllable plus an unaccented one following it]
    • comió and sol [masculine rhyme: one syllable is involved, since the last syllable is a stressed one]
  3. To determine the number of syllables in a line, you count up to the last stressed syllable, and then add one more, e.g. (from page 45):

        1      2    3     4 5  6   7 + 1 = 8 syllables in this line
    ¿Dónde_estás, señora mía,      [verso llano, rima femenina]

        1  2  3    4 5   6    7 + 1 = 8 syllables in this line (not 7)
    que no te duele mi mal?           [verso agudo, rima masculina]
  4. Note that when counting syllables there are other factors to consider, for example, sinalefa: if a word ends in a vowel and the next word begins with a vowel (or h plus a vowel), and one of those vowels is unstressed, the two vowels almost always combine to form one syllable (e.g., Dónde_estás, as above).

Capítulo 5. Identity problems (for both Don Quijote and Cervantes?)

Capítulo 6. The "scrutiny" in the library.

Capítulo 7. Sancho Panza is finally introduced.

Capítulo 8. The windmills (the single most famous adventure of Don Quijote).

Capítulo 9. This starts part two (of Part I, the 1605 volume).

Capítulo 10: P. 73: Read pp. xviii and xix of the introduction, concerning the wrong chapter title (epígrafe).


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