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Abbreviations used: s singular, p plural; 1s first person singular; 3p third person plural, etc. Part, participle; pres, present; pret, preterite.

If the forms of a verb are not widely separated alphabetically, they are listed together in one box.


abierto past part abrir, to open
absorto past part absorber, to absorb
adquiero, adquieres, adquiere, adquieren 1,2,3s 3p pres adquirir, to acquire
advirtiendo pres part advertir, to notice
advirtió, advirtieron 3s, 3p pret advertir, to notice
anduve, anduviste, anduvo, anduvimos, anduvisteis, anduvieron pret andar, to walk
aparezco 1s aparecer, to appear
arguyendo pres part argüir, to argue
arguyo, arguyes, arguye, arguyen 1,2,3s 3p pres argüir, to argue
arguyó, arguyeron 3s, 3p pret argüir, to argue
asgo 1s pres asir, to sieze
bendito past part bendecir, to bless
bulló, bulleron 3s, 3p pret bullir, to boil
cabré, cabrás, cabrá, cabremos, cabréis, cabrán future caber, to fit
caigo 1s pres caer, to fall
cayó, cayeron 3 pret caer, to fall
conduce, condujiste, condujo, condujimos, condujisteis, condujeron pret conducir, to lead; to drive a vehicle
conduzco 1s pres conducir, to lead; to drive a vehicle
conozco 1s pres conocer, to be acquainted with
consigo, consigues, consigue, consiguen 1,2,3s 3p pres conseguir, to obtain
consintió, consintieron 3s, 3p pret consentir, to consent
corrijo 1s pres corregir, to correct
creyó, creyeron, creyendo 3s, 3p pret creer, to believe. Note: creó is the regular 3s preterite of crear, to create.
cubierto past part cubrir, to cover
cupe, cupiste, cupo, cupimos, cupisteis, cupieron pret caber, to fit into
dé 1,3s pres subjunctive dar, to give. The accent is used to distinguish it from the preposition de, of or from.
di 1s pret dar, to give; 2s positive command decir, to say
dices, dice, dicen 2s,3s,3p decir, to say
dicho past part decir, to day
diciendo pres part decir, to say
diera, dieras, diera, diéramos, dierais, dieran past subjunctive dar, to give
dieron 3p pret dar, to give
digo 1s pres decir, to say
dije, dijiste, dijo, dijimos, dijisteis, dijeron pret decir, to say
dimos 1p pret dar, to give
dio 3s pret dar, to give
diré, dirás, dirá, diremos, diréis, dirán future decir, to say
diste 2s pret dar, to give
disteis 2p pret dar, to give
disuelto past part disolver, to dissolve
divirtió, divirtieron 3s pret divertir, to divert
durmamos, durmáis 1,2p pres subjunctive dormir, to sleep
durmiendo pres part dormir, to sleep
durmió, durmieron 3s, 3p pret dormir, to sleep
eligió, eligieron 3s, 3p pret elegir, to elect
elijo, eliges, elige, eligen 1,2,3s 3p pres elegir, to elect
engrandezco 1s pres engrandecer, to make great
era, eras, era, éramos, eras, eran imperfect ser, to be
eres 2s pres ser, to be
es 3s pres ser, to be
escrito past part escribir, to write
estás, está, están 2,3s 3p pres estar, to be
estoy 1s pres estar, to be
estuve, estuviste, estuvo, estuvimos, estuvisteis, estuvieron pret estar, to be
fluyo, fluyes, fluye, fluyen 1,2,3s, 3p pres fluir, to flow
fluyó, fluyeron 3s, 3p pret fluir, to flow
friendo pres part freír, to fry
frío, fríes, fríe, fríen 1,2,3s, 3p pres freír, to fry
frió, frieron 3s, 3p pret freír, to fry
frito past part freír, to fry
fui, fuiste, fue, fuimos, fuisteis, fueron pret ir, to go, and ser, to be
gimo, gimes, gime, gimen 1,2,3s 3p gemir, to moan
gruñó, gruñeron 3s, 3p pret gruñir, to grunt
ha 3s pres haber, to have, as auxiliary verb
habéis 2p pres haber, to have, as auxiliary verb
habré, habrás, habrá, habremos, habréis, habrán future haber, to have, as auxiliary verb
hago 1s pres hacer, to do or make
han 3p pres haber, to have, as auxiliary verb
haré future hacer, to do or make
has 2s pres haber, to have, as auxiliary verb
hay Special impersonal form of pres haber, meaning both “there is” and “there are.” Hay que + infinitive = to have to do the infinitive.
haz 2s positive command hacer, to do or make
he 1s pres haber, to have, as auxiliary verb
hecho past part hacer, to do or make
hemos 1p pres haber, to have, as auxiliary verb
hice, hiciste, hizo, hicimos, hicisteis, hicieron pret hacer, to do or make
hiramos, hiráis 1,2p pres subjunctive herir, to wound
hirió, hirieron 3s, 3p pret herir, to wound
hizo 3s pret hacer, to do or make
hube, hubiste, hubo, hubimos, hubisteis, hubieron pret haber, to have, as auxiliary verb
huelo, hueles, huele, huelen 1,2,3s 3p pres oler, to smell
huyo, huyes, huye, huyen 1,2,3s 3p pres huir, to flee
huyó, huyeron 3s, 3p pret huir, to flee
iba, ibas, iba, íbamos, ibais, iban imperfect ir, to go
impreso past part imprimir, to print
influyo, influyes, influye, influyen 1,2,3s 3p pres influir, to influence
inscrito, inscripto past part inscribir, to inscribe
irgo, irgues, irgue, irguen 1,2,3s 3p pres erguir, to erect
irguiendo pres part erguir, to erect
irguió, irguieron 3s, 3p pret erguir, to erect
leyó, leyeron 3s, 3p pret leer, to read
luzco 1s pres lucir, to shine
maldito past part maldecir, to curse
mido, mides, mide, miden 1,2,3s 3p pres medir, to measure
mintió, mintieron 3s, 3p pret mentir, to tell a lie
muramos, muráis 1,2p pres subjunctive morir, to die
murió, murieron 3s, 3p pret morir, to die
plugo 3s archaic pret placer, to please
pon 2s positive command poner, to put
pongo 1s pres poner, to put
prescrito, prescripto past part prescribir, to prescribe
proscrito, proscripto past part proscribir, to proscribe
provisto past part proveer, to provide
pude, pudiste, pudo, pudimos, pudisteis, pudieron pret poder, to be able [special meaning in preterite: I succeeded; no pude, I failed.]
pudro, padres, pudre, pudren 1,2,3s 3p pres podrir or pudrir, to rot
puesto past part poner, to put
puse, pusiste, puso, pusimos, pusisteis, pusieron pret poner, to put
quepo 1s pres caber, to fit into
querré, querrás, querrá, querremos, querréis, querrán future querer, to want
quise, quisiste, quiso, quisimos, quisisteis, quisieron pret querer, to want [special meaning in preterit: I tried; no quise, I refused.]
raigo 1s pres raer, to scrape
rayendo pres part raer, to scrape
rayó, rayeron 3s, 3p pret raer, to scrape
repitió, repitieron 3s, 3p pret repetir, to repeat
riendo pres part reír, to laugh
riño, riñes, riñe, riñen 1,2,3s 3p pres reñir, to scold
río, ríes, ríe, ríen 1,2,3s 3p pres reír, to laugh
rió, rieron 3s, 3p pret reír, to laugh
riyendo obsolete pres part reír, to laugh
roto past part romper, to break
sabré, sabrás, sabrá, sabremos, sabréis, sabrán future saber, to know
saldré, saldrás, saldrá, saldremos, saldréis, saldrán future salir, to leave
salgo 1s pres salir, to leave
satisfecho past part satisfacer, to satisfy
1s pres saber, to know; also
2s positive command ser, to be
sea, seas, sea, seamos, seáis, sean pres subjunctive ser, to be
sepa, sepas, sepa, sepamos, sepáis, sepan pres subjunctive saber, to know
sigo, sigues, sigue, siguen 1,2,3s 3p pres seguir, to follow
sintamos, sintáis 1,2p pres subjunctive sentir, to feel
sintiendo pres part sentir, to feel
sintió, sintieron 3s pret sentir, to feel
sirvió, sirvieron 3s, 3p pret servir, to serve
sirvo, sirves, sirve, sirven 1,2,3s 3p pres servir, to serve
sois 2p pres ser, to be
somos 1p pres ser, to be
son 3p pres ser, to be
sonrío, sonríes, sonríe, sonreímos, sonreís, sonrieron pres sonreír, to smile
sonrió, sonrieron 3s, 3p pret sonreír, to smile
sos “Vos” present ser. (“Vos” is a second person singular subject pronoun used in a familiar context in parts of Central and South America, with unique endings only in the present tense. It is rarely seen in writing.)
soy 1s pres ser, to be
suscrito, subscrito past part suscribir or subscrito, to subscribe or agree
supe, supiste, supo, supimos, supisteis, supieron pret saber, to know [special meaning in preterite: found out]
ten 2s positive command tener, to have
tendré, tendrás, tendrá, tendremos, tendréis, tendrán future tener, to have
tengo 1s pres tener, to have
traigo 1s pres traer, to bring
traje, trajiste, trajo, trajimos, trajisteis, trajeron pret traer, to have
tuve, tuviste, tuvieron, tuvimos, tuvisteis, tuvieron pret tener, to have [In preterite, usually with meaning of "received, got" rather than "possessed.]
va 3s pres ir, to go
vais 2p pres ir, to go
val 2s positive command valer, to be worth
valdré, valdrás, valdrá, valdremos, valdréis, valdrán future valer, to be worth
valgo 1s pres valer, to be worth
vamos 1p pres ir, to go
van 3p pres ir, to go
vas 2s pres ir, to go
vaya, vayas, vaya, vayamos, vayáis, vayan pres subjunctive ir, to go
ve 2s positive command ir; also present of ver, to see
veía, veías, veía, veíamos, veíais, veían imperfect ver, to see
ven 2s positive command venir, to come
vendré, vendrás, vendrá, vendremos, vendréis, vendrán future venir, to come
veo 1s pres ver, to see
vine pret venir, to come
vistió 3s pret vestir, to dress
visto past part ver; pres vestir, to dress
voy 1s pres ir, to go
vuelto past part volver, to return
yaz 2s positive command yacer, to lie on the ground; rare
yazco 1s pres yacer, to lie down (typically said of dead persons only)
yendo pres part ir, to go
yergo, yergues, yergue, yerguen 1,2,3s 3p pres erguir, to erect
yerro, yerras, yerra, yerran 1,2,3s 3p pres errar, to err

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