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Íñigo López de Mendoza
El Marqués de Santillana


Whether you love me
I cannot tell.
But that I love you,
This I know well.

You and none other
Hold I so dear.
This shall be always,
Year upon year.

When first I saw you,
So it befell.
I gave you all things—
This I know well.

Myself I gave you
Ever in fee.
Doubt then of all things
But doubt not me.

Since first I saw you,
Under your spell,
All my wits wander,
This I know well.

Still have I loved you,
Still shall I love,
Love you and serve you
All things above.

Her I have chosen
None doth excel.
Trust me, I feign not,
This I know well.

                —John Pierre pont Rice (translator)

From: Hispanic Anthology: Poems Translated from the Spanish by English and North American Poets, collected and arranged by Thomas Walsh. G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1920.

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