My research is focused mainly on two themes: the development of political institutions and the building of new democracies. Most of my research to date has examined the development of political parties in the post-communist democracies of Central and Eastern Europe. Some of my most recent research addresses related issues of international relations, political economy, and human rights. 



Educational Background


Ph.D. in Politics, Brandeis University, May 2000.

Fulbright Scholar, Budapest, Hungary, October 1996 to July 1997.

B.A., Haverford College, May 1987.





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Forthcoming Publications


James Toole. “Political Parties and Policies in Central and Eastern Europe”. Will appear in the forthcoming International Encyclopedia of Public Policy: Governance in a Global Age (London: Routledge).



Conference Papers


“The Nobel Peace Prize and Democratization: The Cases of Burma and East Timor”. Paper (co-authored with April Henning) delivered at the Northeastern Political Science Association (NPSA) Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, November 2004.


“Economic Systems in Transition: Trade Policies of the Former Centrally Planned Economies.” Paper (co-authored with James M. Lutz) delivered at the International Trade and Finance Association (IT&FA) 13th Annual Conference, Vaasa, Finland, May 2003.


 “Do Parties Matter? Evaluating Competing Claims about the Contributions Political Parties Make to Democratization”. Paper delivered at the NPSA Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, November 2001.


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 “Government Formation and Party System Freezing in East Central Europe”. Paper delivered at the NPSA Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, November 1998.


“Party Development in Hungary: A Question of Elite Accountability”. Paper delivered at the 1997 Hungarian Fulbright Research Conference, Budapest, Hungary, April 1997.