Emerging Democracies



A greater share of the human population lives under democratic rule today than at any time in human history. At the same time, many of the world’s democracies are young or fragile. This page contains links to selected sites on the building of democratic government and on the evaluation of democratic and non-democratic rule. It also contains links to sites on post-communist Europe, a region that illustrates both the promise and problems of new democracies today.



Freedom House

A respected non-governmental organization that monitors civil and political liberties around the world. Freedom House also produces an annual index that grades countries according to how free they are.


OSCE Election Monitoring

Among its many activities, the Organization on Security and Cooperation in Europe monitors elections in new or aspiring European democracies.


National Democratic Institute for International Affairs

A US-based non-governmental organization that promotes democratic government and monitors elections around the world.


The Carter Center

A US-based non-governmental organization established by former President Jimmy Carter. This part of the Center’s website describes programs designed to strengthen democratic rule around the world.


RFE/RL Newsline

Daily news reports on countries spanning the post-communist world, from Eastern Europe to Central Asia. RFE/RL also has news on Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East.


University of Essex Project on Political Transformation

and the Electoral Process in Post-Communist Europe

A very good compilation of election results and electoral laws from all around post-communist Europe.