International News and Current Events



If you want to understand the world outside the US, you have to read about it. Here are some of the best sources of international news and current events.


The three best English-language sources of international news, by far, are the BBC, the Financial Times, and The Economist magazine. No other English-language news sources cover the world in such detail and with such a truly global perspective. Only some content on the FT and Economist websites is free of charge. Content on the BBC website is free for all to use.


BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) World News

The Financial Times

The Economist


Some US newspapers and cable channels also have fairly good global coverage. The best for general international coverage are probably The New York Times, CNN, and The Washington Post. Both the Times and the Post require you to register but neither requires you to pay. Other papers are notably good on selected regions; The Miami Herald, for example, is known for its coverage of Latin America.


The New York Times

The Washington Post


The Los Angeles Times

The Chicago Tribune

The Christian Science Monitor

The Miami Herald (for Latin America)


One of the most interesting ways to keep track of international news is actually to read what the rest of the world has to say. Following are links to high-quality English-language newspapers and news magazines from around the world. Some important papers and news magazines (such as The South China Morning Post and The Far Eastern Economic Review, both from Hong Kong) are omitted because all content is subscription-based.






The Guardian (UK)

The Independent (UK)

The Times of London (UK)

The Daily Telegraph (UK)

The Financial Times (UK)

The Economist (UK)

The Irish Times (Ireland)

The International Herald Tribune

The Moscow Times (Russia)

The Budapest Sun (Hungary)

The Prague Post (Czech Republic)

The Warsaw Voice (Poland)





The Straits Times (Singapore)

The Times of India (India)

The Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka)

The Bangkok Post (Thailand)

The Japan Times (Japan)

The Korea Times (South Korea)

The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

The Melbourne Age (Australia)



Middle East/Africa


The Jerusalem Post (Israel)

Al-Ahram (Egypt)

The Mail and Guardian (South Africa)



The Americas


The Globe and Mail (Canada)

McLean’s (Canada)

The Gleaner (Jamaica)