Sources of In-Depth Analysis

of International Affairs



The following sites offer accessible but well-informed analysis of international affairs. Most of the sites are sponsored by nonprofit policy research institutions. Most of the analysis they present consists of policy papers rather than papers intended for academic specialists.


Council on Foreign Relations

An excellent all-around source for international affairs analysis. The Council publishes Foreign Affairs, a very balanced and highly respected US journal of international politics.


Center for Strategic and International Studies

Another wide-ranging and non-partisan source of international affairs analysis.


Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Devoted to the study of international cooperation and to the promotion of active international engagement by the United States. Areas of interest include non-proliferation, democracy-building, trade, Russia, China, and South Asia.


Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs

As its name suggests, concerned with the connection between ethics and international politics. Areas of specific interest include human rights, global justice, and conflict resolution.