War and Peace



War and the prevention of it are perennial concerns for those who care about international politics. The list that follows contains selected sites on international security, on peacekeeping and peacemaking, and on current conflicts around the world.


International Crisis Group
A non-governmental organization that monitors and analyzes internal and international conflicts and crises around the world.


CEIP Proliferation News and Resources

A very detailed and respected source of information on proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Part of the website of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.


Sources on the Iraq War

A very thorough list of sources on the war. Compiled by the University of California San Diego Library.


United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations

The official UN source of information on its peacekeeping operations around the world.


UN Security Council Resolutions

The full-text resolutions from the UN Security Council itself. Useful in researching UN peacekeeping operations.



The official web site of the world’s most powerful military alliance. Within the site, look for sections on current NATO operations in Afghanistan and the Balkans.