Annual Reports:

Each full-time faculty member submits an Annual report in mid-December, describing his or her accomplishments during the previous calendar year and following the outline found on the chairís website ( Materials submitted with the report (copies of research, course syllabi, etc.) are returned to the faculty member.The report itself is kept on file and used chiefly for the department's own annual report and occasionally for faculty reviews. The format of the report reflects the institutional strategic plan.


Annual Reviews:

Faculty annual reviews will consist of a three paragraph narrative highlighting research/creative work, teaching, and service plus student evaluations for the year.Tenure track faculty and continuing lecturers should refer to the new Enchiridion wording regarding submission of additional documentation. Annual reviews form the basis for the chairís subsequent review and deliberation on merit pay.


Nota bene:The annual review and ancillary materials correspond roughly in format and content to tenure and promotion cases, and to the bases for reappointment recommendations for non-tenured faculty.Maintaining a personal file of annual reports makes preparing a tenure or promotion case relatively simple.


1. Procedures

1.All continuing lecturers, tenure track, or tenured faculty should write a short three paragraph narrative highlighting their primary accomplishments for the year in research and creative endeavor, teaching, and service.


2.All tenure-track faculty should include relevant documentation, such as syllabi, pedagogical materials, letters of acceptance for forthcoming materials, publications, and student evaluations.Tenured faculty or continuing lecturers who have taught the same courses for many years need not include these materials, unless they reflect a significantly new or innovative departure from past practices.†† Tenured faculty are reviewed by the Faculty Review Committee every fifth year, or more often, on their request.Copies of these reviews are sent to the faculty member and to the department chair.



3.Continuing lecturers will submit annual reviews to the Faculty Review Committee and the Chair during the first four years of their appointment.After that, they will submit annual reviews to the Chair only for a period of five years.At the end of that five year period, the Faculty Review Committee will review the annual reports of continuing lecturers, the Chair's annual review of them, and the current annual review of the faculty member.This review process will be repeated every five years.


4.Continuing lecturer or tenured faculty members not required to submit their annual review to the Faculty Review Committee may request a review from this committee.††



After the committee completes its reviews, the department chair writes an annual review of each full-time faculty member who holds a continuing appointment.Copies of this review are supplied to the faculty member; a copy is also sent, along with the Faculty Review Committee's reviews, to the dean.