The State University of Iowa

Department of Obsteritcs and Gynecology

Iowa City, Iowa

Frederick H. Falls, Professor
O. J. Pederson, Instructor
L. M. Randall, Clinical Assistant


My dear Dr. Abbott:

Please accept my apology for having delayed writing you in response to your letter of the 4th. I have had to be out of town for a few days and my correspondence has been neglected. I had O.K.ed the voucher some time ago and supposed that it had gone through the business office. On investigation I find that it has been approved and will be payed this month. I am very sory for the delay.

As to the use of the stethescope we have been able to magnify the fetal heart tones so that they can be heard and counted in a room of ordinary size without any head piece or special listening device. Inasmuch as the rate and quality of the heart tones is practically the only means we have of determining the condition of the babe in the uterus you can see the importance of this contribution.

I have written a preliminary report which ought to [be] published soon in the Journal of the American Medical Association and I will send you a reprint as soon as I obtain them.

I wish to thank you for your kindness in making the stethescope for us and feel that our success would have been impossible without it.

Very truly yours,
F. H. Falls