48. Magnetic reflection. R. B. ABBOTT, Purdue University.--Experiments suggested by Ross (Proc. A.I.E.E., June, 1920) on "Magnetic Reflection" were carried out on a larger scale. A strong magnetic field was produced by a 500-cycle current passing through a large electromagnet. A large plane coil of wire connected to a resistance coupled amplifier with a telephone receiver, was placed along the axis of the magnet and at some distance from it. The coil was oriented in the magnetic field so that no currents were induced in it. A plane thin sheet of zinc about four square feet in area was then placed at some point in the field and rotated around a vertical axis. As the plate was rotated, a 500-cycle note was produced in the telephone and went through a cycle of intensities corresponding to the angles of the zinc plate. The results show that the zinc plate, due to eddy currents, acted very much like a mirror, the angles of incidence and reflection being about equal. These results obtained when the zinc plate was twenty feet and more from the magnet and detecting coil.
[Abbott, R. B. Physical Review, February, 1928, 313]