Sketch of the Life of Rachel Townsend Vore

written by her daughter, Ruth Vore Foreman.

I have been asked to write a sketch of my mother's life and I will do the best I can but my memories of her are not very clear as I was only eleven years old when she passed away.

She was born 9th month 16th 1826 and was married to Blackburn Vore 3rd month 28th 1852.

To them were born five children. When the youngest was a babe of six weeks, our mother was taken from us. My earliest recollection of my mother, is of hearing her singing when about her work, a portion of an old hymn which is probably familiar to many of you and the special verse that I remember best is as follows:

"Here I'll raise my Ebenerzer
     Hither by the help I've come,
And I hope by thy good pleasure
     Safely to achieve at home."

I am sure she sang it often for the thought of it is indelibly impressed on my memory.

I like to think of that verse as being an index of her daily life, that from her heart as she sang she was thus acknowledging the source from which her help came and also that she had faith that when her work on earth was done she would enter into that home that God had prepared for those that love Him.

I recall in my childish memories the blessed influence of the happy home life that surrounded us, which assures me that she was a devoted wife and mother.

She passed to her Heavenly Home 10th month 31st 1864.