Raymond Barrington Abbott, Sr.

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DR. RAYMOND BARRINGTON ABBOTT, Sr., son of ABIJAH JUDSON ABBOTT and RUTH TOWNSEND BARRINGTON, was born 25 December 1873 in Newton, KS, and died 10 August 1964 in Pasadena, CA. He married LOUISE MARIE WARNER 05 August 1908 in Los Angeles, CA, daughter of GEORGE WARNER and ISABELLA CREELMAN. She was born 01 August 1877 in Coulson, Ontario, Canada, and died 13 May 1970 in Sunland, CA.


Memorial Resolution read before the Purdue University faculty, 1965.

Papers and Inventions

During his career at Purdue University, Raymond Abbott, Sr. pursued a broad range of interests, some of which led to inventions. In this section can be found links to published research papers, news articles, letters, and other information relating to this work.

The Electrical Stethoscope

Hidden-Metal Detector

Work on Violin Acoustics

Unidentified Photo