Obituary of Samuel and Rebekah Abbott

ABBOTT. -- Died at Trinidad, Colorado, Eighth month 31st, 1898, Samuel Abbott, aged 80 years 6 months 9 days. Also at the same place, Second month 4th, 1899, Rebecca Abbott, wife of Samuel Abbott, aged 80 years 9 months and 22 days. They were married Eleventh month 11th, 1838, so that they lived together almost sixty years, and in death they were not long divided. They were highly esteemed members of Pasadena Monthly Meeting, California. For some months both had been quite feeble. They had gone to visit their son in Colorado only a short time before. They were lifelong members of the Society of Friends, and were always faithful in their attendance of meetings and interest in its work. They were fully ripened for the harvest and peacefully waiting for the angel reaper.

From The American Friend, 6/15/1899, p. 567.