West Branch Times

West Branch, Iowa, Thursday, June 25, 1891


Thomas Barrington, one of our early and highly respected citizens met his death in a most unexpected manner last Friday afternoon, June 19. While crossing the railroad track in front of the station house he was struck and hurled against the side of the coal house by the through freight, which was running at the rate of thirty or forty miles an hour, crushing his skull which resulted fatally in a few minutes.

Deceased was born in Dublin, Ireland, Jan. 13, 1810, came to this country in the 6th year of his age; lived in Knox Co., near Fredericktown, Ohio, where he married Elizabeth Townsend, in 1840, and came to Iowa in 1856, settling on the place now owned by Meader Allman. Here his family lived until 1883 when he sold out and went to live with his son George in Barclay, Kansas, where his wife's last days were spent. For the past two years he has lived with his son, T. T. Barrington at this place. He is survived by the two above named sons and one daughter, Ruth Abbott, of Garden City, Kansas. Deceased was a carpenter by trade, was a member of the Friends church all his life and a most thorough Bible student. As an exemplary citizen and kind father he will be greatly missed.