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Including manuscripts, biographies, photos, and other materials relating to the Abbott, Townsend, Barrington, Miles, Jones, and Pearson families of Knox and Miami Counties of Ohio, Cedar County, Iowa, and elsewhere


In the nineteenth century a remarkable group of pioneers from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, and north-eastern Georgia migrated first to Ohio, where they settled in Knox County near Fredericktown and in Miami County near West Milton, then moved on to Iowa, settling in what became West Branch in Cedar County and in LeGrand in Marshall County. Members of the Society of Friends (Quakers), they were strict abolitionists and many of them ran "stations" on the "underground railroad" that conveyed fugitive slaves through Ohio and Iowa and on to freedom in Canada. Some later moved on to Barclay Kansas and not a few of them finally retired in or around Pasadena, California. In these tightly-knit communities, many of the families intermarried. On these pages I have assembled some of the information I have been able to unearth about those individuals and their families, from whom I am descended. My intent is to make these records publically available to other researchers for whom they might be of interest.

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In this section I have information organized by individual persons. I will be adding to this list as I find the time.

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