Process Analysis Paper Peer Review Sheet


Writer _______________                    Evaluator _____________________


  1. What process does the author explain in the paper?





  1. Who might need this information and why?





  1. Did the author list and define the items, materials, tools, and preparations needed to carry out this process?





  1. Does the introduction contain all the necessary elements (eye-catcher, background information, thesis, plan of development) in the correct order?





  1. Would you be able to follow the instructions provided by the author? What should be added to make the instruction easier to follow?






6. Is the author using the most effective method of organization? How is the essay organized?      







7. Does the author explain the importance of each step in the beginning of each paragraph?







      8. Does the conclusion restate the thesis and wrap up the essay?





  1. What are the three areas the author needs to concentrate on during the revision process? Be specific. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors should not be included.









10. Did the author use transitional sentences? List the pages and paragraphs that need more transitions.






  1.  Read through the paper one more time to check for and mark errors in standard written

English (appropriate diction, grammar, punctuation, and spelling).




12. Is there a corresponding entry on the Works Cited page for parenthetical citation? Did the author use correct MLA format? Did the author include illustrations? Did they enhance the text and make following the explanations easier?