Rise and Fall of Ancient Civilizations
                                   ANTH P220
                                  Spring 1992
                                 MWF 1:30-2:20
                                    CM 116
                     Dr. William Baden, KT204K , 481-6202
                Office Hours: M-F 7:30am-4:30pm by Appointment
          Readings:All readings will be placed on reserve at the
                   Helmke Library.  No textbook required.  (A reading
                   list will be provided separately).
          Exams:   Exam 1 - February 10 :: Theories of Culture Change
                   (100 pts.)
                   Exam 2 - March 27 :: Specific Examples part 1 (100
                   Exam 3 - April 20 :: Specific Examples part 2 (100
                   Unsched - There will be one unscheduled quiz
                   consisting of one question that will be given at
                   some "random" time during the semester.  It will
                   not count towards the final total points for your
                   grade, but will be added as bonus points to your
                   total as an adjustment for "borderline" grades. (10
          Papers:  One Paper - 8 to 10 typed, doubled spaced pages on
                   "The Rise and Fall of ....".  Topic must be cleared
                   with instructor prior to March 16.  Due date - 3 PM
                   May 6, 1992.  Papers turned in after 3 PM May 6
                   will receive a deduction of 10 points for up-to-
                   and-including every 24 hrs. it is late.  Citations
                   should follow American Antiquity format (100 pts.)
          Grading: You will be graded on a 400 point-maximum scale.
                   The grade scale will minimally be A = 400-360; B =
                   359-320; C = 319-280; D = 279-240; F = 239-0, with
                   strong potential for a "curve".  The total points
                   earned from your scheduled exams and paper plus
                   your score on the unscheduled quiz will be used to
                   determine your final grade.  You will be tested
                   over the assigned readings only in terms of how
                   they are discussed in class.
              The week of March 9-13 is Spring Break - no classes.
          The week of April 27 - May 1 is reserved for "readings" and
          preparation of your paper.  There will be no formal class
          that week, but I will be available for questions during the
          regular class times.  In the event that bad weather prevents
          me from teaching class (even though IPFW has not officially
          closed), you will be responsible for using that "free" time
          period for readings and paper preparation.  To check in
          advance on suspect days, call either the Sociology-
          Anthropology Office (481-6842) or Computing & Data
          Processing Service's Help Desk (481-6030).                                

              Friedman, Jonathan
              1982 Catastrophe and Continuity in Social Evolution.
              Maisels, Charles
              1990 The Emergence of Civilization.  Chapter 7: Theories
                  of the State.
              Prigigine, Ilya, Gregoire Nicolis, Gnes Babloyantz
              1972 Thermodynamics of Evolution.  Physics Today,
              1972 Thermodynamics of Evolution.  Physics Today,
              Renfrew, Colin
              1979 Systems Collapse as Social Transformation:
                  Catastrophe and Anastrophe in Early State Societies.
              Refrew, Colin and Paul Bahn
              1991 Archaeology: Theories, Methods, and Practice.
                  Chapter 12: Why did Things Change: Explanation in
              Hammond, Norman              
              1973 Models for Maya Trade. In: The Explanation of
                  Culture Change: Models in Prehistory, Renfrew, Colin
                  (ed). pp. 601-607.                  (ed). pp. 601-607.
              Rathje, William L.
              1973 Models for Mobile Maya: A Variety of Constraints.
                  In: The Explanation of Culture Change: Models in 
                  Prehistory, Renfrew, Colin (ed). pp. 731-757.    
              Weaver, Muriel Porter
              1972 The Aztecs, Maya, and their Predecessors:           
                  Archaeology of Mesoamerica.  Chapter 1 and Chapter  
                  6.                  6.

                          "The Rise and Fall of ..."
          Points: 100
          Goal:Present a "processual" perspective on the rise and fall
               of a particular culture.  The topic should fulfill the
               specific grading requirements listed below:
          Grading: 1)Grammar and Readability:  Your paper should be
                   "readable" with accurate spellings.  Its
                   presentation should be clean with identifiable
                   sections, including a Conclusion.  You should
                   follow American Antiquity format for citing and
                   listing your references (examples are available).
                   Footnotes and endnotes should be avoided. (15
                 2) Content:  This paper should briefly discuss the
                   precurssor(s) of the topic culture in sufficient
                   detail to define the social, political, and
                   economic environments prior to the establishment of
                   the topic culture. (20 points)
                   The paper should adequately position the topic in
                   "time" by providing carbon dates or real historic
                   dates wherever possible.  You should specify the
                   source (C14, tree rings, historic documents, etc.)
                   for your chronological data. (20 points)
                   The paper should provide an overview of the
                   cultural lifeways of these people in terms of their
                   social, political, and subsistence subsystems. (20
                   Finally, the paper should address processes that
                   "caused" both the rise and fall of this culture                                   
                   using a) published research and b) your own
                   insights.  You should offer, in a conclusion, your
                   review of the published explanations (both for the
                   rise and fall) in terms of how they address the
                   actual data. (25 points)
             The paper should be 8-10 typed, double spaced pages.  The
          paper is due no later than 3 PM May 6, 1992.  Late penalties
          are described in the course sylabus.  Make a personal copy
          of your paper prior to turning it in.

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