Rivierre aux Vas vessel Research Report Guidelines
P360 Fall 1997
Hafted Clovis Point

Goals / Guidelines / Deadlines / Office Hours

Report Goals:
Your research report is an exploration into resolving one of the oldest issues in North American archaeology -- the prehistoric roots of historic native american groups. Using a modern variation of the "direct historical" approach, you will develop a concise narrative on the cultural transformation of an archaeological culture or cultures into an historically observable population. The final report should contain the following components.
  1. Abstract
    • Summary of this report, 1-3 paragraphs
    • Initial version to be turned in October 30th
  2. Introduction to the Question
    • Provide an overview of why you chose this group
    • What work has been published on prehistoric origins for this group
  3. First Contact
    • Provide an historical accounting of the earliest western contacts with these people
    • Provide environmental, timeline, and lifeways information for this period
  4. Historic Period Overview
    • Provide an overview of this group's historical existence up until removal or "extinction"
    • Provide environmental, timeline, and lifeways information
    • Identify and discuss changes in their lifeways over this time
  5. Origins
    • Where did they come from?
    • Use all available data, including origin myths and linguistic evidence, to attempt to locate a "homeland(s)" for these people
    • Discuss the prehistoric developments in this "homeland" (if more than one location, do so to each)
    • For each prehistoric period (earliest to latest):
      • Reconstruct the environment
      • Describe the lifeways of this archaeologicial culture
      • Provide a "laundry list" of the material correlates for this culture
      • Keep in mind -- you are tracing the linkages of one period to the next until you reach "contact"
    • Conclusions
      • Discuss the transitions you have outlined
      • Discuss the implication for developmental studies dealing with the "process of change"
      • As a student of anthropological prehistory, what did you learn from doing this study
    • List of References
      • Following the Society of American Archaeology (American Antiquity) format available on reserve at Helmke Library (P360 Style Guide) or online
      • Online references should be cited following the SAA's format consistent with APA's example formats for online materials.
      • Initial version to be turned in September 23rd.

Sept 2 Turn in Paper Topic
Sept 23 List of References due
Nov 2 Abstract due
Nov 25 First Reports Distributed
Dec 2, 4, 9, 11 Report Presentations
Dec 18 Final Reports Due
by 3PM

Office Hours:
8-9am 6-7pm
Other Times By Appointment
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