Sondra's 40th Birthday Surprise

This web page is a tribute to my beautiful wife, Sondra, who celebrated her 40th birthday on September 28th, 2005.

In the past, Sondra has surprised me with memorable anniversary and birthday celebrations like our surprise trip to Florida and a surprise night in Indy to see the Pacers play. These surprises have helped me remember just how special she is. So, I wanted to return the favor. I knew I wanted something BIG... Something totally out of the ordinary... Something we have never done before. I wanted a surprise vacation to a remote part of the world that was warm, classy, and had a beach. These were things that I knew Sondra would love.

To pull this off, I knew I would need help, and lots of it. So, I began discussing my ideas with Gary, my brother in law, who was married to Sondra's twin sister, Rhonda. He has been overseas a number of times, and has much more experience than I had on these matters.

We began discussing this in January. But, Gary did not want me to have all the fun. He suggested that since his wife and my wife share the same birthday, we should plan a surprise birthday for the two of them, together. So we began on a journey that ultimately led us to the Carribean paradise island of St. Kitts.

Major items to budget for the trip:

Approximate amount spent in each category:

  1. Hotel (3 nights) - $550
  2. Airplane tickets - $1,100
  3. Passports/taxes - $250
  4. Car Rental (2 day) - $60
  5. Food - $300
  6. Entertainment - $340
  7. TOTAL - $2,600
  8. Surprising my wife - PRICELESS

St. Kitts Weather Forecast

Date Precipitation Hi/Lo
9-24-05 30% Chance of Showers 91/80
9-25-05 30% Chance of Showers 91/80
9-26-05 40% Chance of Showers 91/79
9-27-05 30% Chance of Showers 92/80

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