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Research Project

Survey of Knowledge Management Practices

This research study is aimed at investigating the relationship between strategic orientation and firm performance. In addition, another research goal is to determine the extent to which product, organizational, and industry characteristics moderate the link between orientation and performance. While consensus about the importance and need for effective knowledge management has been expressed by researchers from various disciplines, little attention has been given to antecedent influences and differences among firm types. The purpose of the study is to understand why and how different types of cultures, structures, and processes provide firms with abilities to manage market knowledge for effective market performance.

We are indebted to the Purdue Research Foundation, the IPFW School of Business and Management Sciences, the IPFW Research Support Fund, and the Department of Management and Marketing, IPFW for their kind support. Finally, this study would not have been posssible without the assistance of our online survey sponsors, Surveypro.com

An online survey can be accessed by visiting the following URL (and using the password that was mailed):


Prasad Bingi, Ph.D.            Rajiv Kashyap, Ph.D.