Language Documentation and Revitalization Programs

The links below were collected in part from a discussion on the Indigenous Languages and Technology Discussion List. In some cases the links provided go directly to language documentation and revitalization programs. In other cases the links go to a department's or program's general webpage. In such cases information about specific opportunities to study language documentation and/or revitalization may not be readily available on the web at this time. In these instances you are encouraged to contact the department or program directly to learn more. Any questions regarding the list should be directed to bischoff[dot]st[at]gmail[dot]com.

Documentation and Revitalization

The Endangered Language Fund (Excellent site for various resources: methods and resources for revitalization, online books, funding opportunities...)

Language Documentation and Conservation (Journal)

Language Documentation and Description (Journal)

Jon Reyhner's NAU Teaching Indigenous Languages Website

Documentary Linguistics and Community Relations Keren Rice

Research Models, Community Engagement, and Linguistic Fieldwork: Reflections on Working within Canadian Indigenous Communities Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins

The Program List

University of Aix Marseille: Language Contact and Typology (LCT), Linguistics, Fieldwork and Experimentation (TheLiTEx)

University of Alberta: CILLDI Community Linguist Certificate

University of Arizona: Masters of Arts in Native American Languages and Linguistics

University of Arizona: American Indian Language Development Institute

University of Arizona: Linguistics (Option to to do one's major concentration within the Linguistics Ph.D. in Language Revitalization)

University of Arizona: Language Reading and Culture

Auckland University of Technology: Masters of Arts Language Revitalization

University of British Columbia: First Nations and Endangered Languages Program (course offerings)

University of California Berkeley

University of California Santa Barbara

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Florida

University of Hawaii Manoa

University of London: SOAS MA Language Support and Revitalization

University of Montana: Linguistics Program

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

University of New Mexico

State University of New York Buffalo

University of Oklahoma

University of Oregon: Northwest Indian Language Institute

University of Oregon: Linguistics

University of Texas Arlington: Linguistics and TESOL

University of Texas Austin: Linguistics

University of Washington (students have an option to do research in this area within the program)

University of Wisconsin Madison

University of Victoria: MA in Indigenous Language Revitalization

University of Victoria: Certificate in Aboriginal Language Revitalization

University of Victoria: Linguistics

Yale University