Creating Online Language Resources

This website is the companion site for the workshop entitled Repositories Demonstration, held at AILDI February 2011. The purpose of the site is to introduce some basic resources to community members for web page building and best practices in terms of online language resources.
The most important aspect of creating online resources is planning for the future. This means thinking about who will use, maintain, update, and fund your website. Additionally, it includes creating a long term plan for the maintenance, use, and storage of the materials the website makes accessible. For these reasons, creators are strongly encouraged to work with or consult community archivists, tech-support personnel, and language activists to develop best practices for the creation, use, and long term maintenance of your online language resources.
This site is meant as a starting point and does not cover all the available online resources or address the various issues that will surely come up as you develop online language resources. There are a good number of free online resources that you can access by simply doing a web search. Additionally, there are institutes such as AILDI which provide training as well as tribal colleges and community programs. If you should have any suggestions or comments feel free to contact us at bischofs [at] ipfw [dot] edu.