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Dr. Shannon Bischoff, Assistant Professor of Linguistics

Ph. D University of Arizona, Department of Linguistics
As a linguist I see language as a complex object which we do not fully understand but which is primarily a social/cultural tool that takes various physical forms to serve a variety of social/cultural functions. Thus, I see linguistics as a meso-science, one in which the various subfields explore different aspects of language (e.g. structure, biological and cognitive underpinnings, various physical manifestations, cultural and social functions), to further our understanding – but language itself cannot be reduced to one subfield/field or another nor can one linguist understand it in its totality. I also see linguistics as a discovery science with the task of the linguist to not only work towards a full understanding and discovery of what language actually may be, but to also apply the knowledge that we gain along the way to address real world issues.

Research Interests

Linguistics, Syntax, Morphology, Anthropological Linguistics, Computational Linguistics (Applied FST), Endangered and Lesser Studied Languages, Language Documentation and Preservation, Multilingualism, Code-switching


Department of English & Linguistics
Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne
2101 E. Coliseum Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46805-1499


bischofs [at] ipfw [dot] edu