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boloCurrent Projects

  • Projects of My Own (some language on those will be added soon)

    • Philosophy of Mathematics: How Category Theory Can Help

    • Turning Manuscripts into Papers and Books

    • Turning Lecture Notes into Textbooks

  • Current Joint Projects
    • Philosophy of Mathematics: Sociological Aspects and Mathematical Practice (PhiMSAMP)

  • Current Editorial Projects

boloPrevious Work
  • Doctoral dissertation and related work
    I made the critical analysis of arguments which draw on Gödel's two incompleteness theorems my Ph.D. project. The first (mathematical) part gives a technically thorough presentation of the Gödel theorems, all their proof variants available, and closely related results. The second (philosophical) part argues for the thesis that Gödelian arguments are of no use except in fields where the development in the field has already led the relevant community to consider complete and rigorous formalizations. Further work of mine was and still is connected to this doctoral work. It comprises technical work (showing, e.g., why Jeroslov's famous reduction of the derivability conditions does not deliver what it promises), tackles further issues in the philosophical significance of the Gödel theorems, and biographical studies. This work was also my start into the philosophy of mathematics, the history and philosophy of logic, and the history of analytical philosophy.

  • Habilitation thesis
    (a second "PhD" as required by the German system of higher education)
    Since the distinction between philosophy proper and the sciences was finally established only during the 19th century, this work on the philosophy and methodology of science in the 19th century tackles views that cross today's borders. In its current form the thesis comprises, besides a long introductory essay on historiography and the philosophy of history, my account of Kant and the development in 19th Century Germany. One result is that the destruction of the classical conception of probability and the invalidation of Laplace's answer to Hume is due not to, say, Keynes or von Mises, as the received view has it, but to their sources, i.e., philosophers from Lotze and Fries to von Kries. For publication I'll add my account of the development in England, the USA, and France.

  • Further work
    Besides these works I have devoted a great deal of time to purely historical research and, as a service to the community, to encyclopedia entries. As a result I have written many scholarly articles for the Historisches Wörterbuch der Philosophie (Historical Dictionary of Philosophy)---each article tracks down the history of one concept throughout Western philosophy---and was invited, among others, to contribute to the new edition of the venerable "Pauly-Wissova,'' the world's leading encyclopedia of classical antiquity. All these articles were refereed before publication and "scooped from the sources.''

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