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Case Study Assignments:

Read the case study below and review the web site to get ideas to answer the following questions. Discuss the case and your answers with your group. E-mail the assignments to your instructor at Be sure to include all group members’ names and e-mail addresses. Expect feedback within 24 hours. An online chat time can be arranged with the instructor to discuss questions you have regarding assignments or concerns with group projects.

Week 1: (e-mail a 2-3 page, double spaced reflection paper)

1. Identify the challenges you see in working with this group on a project.
2. Identify strategies that you would recommend the group use to work through the challenges you identified.

Week 2: (e-mail a 2-3 page, double spaced response including the agenda)

3. Be sure to outline what you would do at the first meeting and why. Also suggest how the group should communicate, keep records of decisions, progress toward work and team members' participation. Comment on ways that the group gets new ideas and makes decisions.

Week 3: (e-mail the criteria and recommended form for group and individual grading)

4. List the criteria that you think would be important to include in a group project evaluation. Develop an individual feedback form that you think would be fair, equitable and motivate the group members to work as a team.


Case Study

You are a member of a 4-person team that has just been assigned a group project to identify and research a campus problem, recommend solutions and the group’s rationale for the choice. The final report is to be a 7-10 page written paper and includes interviews with 4 different individuals from campus. The group will also be asked to give a 15-minute presentation presented to the class. The class was given this assignment with 10 weeks to complete the project. 

During an in-class meeting you learn more about the group members as you decide when to get together for the first time: 


Is a professional writing major who expects the group to get an “A” on the project. She has had some bad experience with group members not completing promised work on time and is nervous that some of the members won’t come through. She would prefer to do the work herself.


Really doesn't want to take the course but it is a requirement for his major. While the project might be an interesting one, he really doesn't’t have time. He is working two jobs, taking 18 hours and living off campus. His availability is fairly limited and his goal is to get a “C” so he can graduate.


Is a second semester international student.  He can read and speak English fairly well, but he says his written skills are not good. He seems quiet, smiles a lot and seems to go along with whatever is being recommended at the time. He is interested in doing well in the course.


Will be graduating this term and has a lot of job interviews scheduled out of town. She wants to do well but is concerned about keeping meeting times limited. She has an idea of the topic and thinks it just might be more expedient for the group to go along with it since she had researched some of it in another class.


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