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     Hi, my name is Juanita!



            "I have had two entirely difference experiences with group projects.  My first college group seemed to start off well. We seemed to be making progress but one day we checked in with our professor to get some feedback and discovered that we were not completing the project as she wanted it. I had put in a lot of time initially and some of the other members had too, but others had missed some meetings. Now the time crunch was on and the group wanted to schedule the meeting to redo everything when I was gone on spring break. I told them I could not return my tickets but they said okay, they would take care of it. When I got back they had redone most of it and were very angry with me for not coming to the meeting. When it came time to give each member an individual grade, I was rated very low because I missed the “most” important meeting even though others had missed more meetings than I had. I couldn’t believe it. Even though I discussed it with my professor and the group, they wouldn’t change their minds. I was so frustrated that I dropped the course. 

The next semester I retook the course with another professor that included the same type of group project and individual grade given by members. I got the maximum points from all the group members.  The professor told me that I had never happened in any of her classes before.” 

What I Learned

bulletA written summary and record of group decisions for each meeting is extremely important to help double-check understanding and serve as the group’s reminder about what has been agreed upon.


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