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   Yes!  I'm Tim and I finally got this group project thing.



        "Initially, I wanted to make all the decisions myself. I thought it would be faster and better in the end since I had the most experience with the topic we were going to work on. Most of the members didn’t seem to mind, but in the end, I felt like I was the only one working on it. I got overextended and didn’t make the class deadline because I got sick.  Boy, was my group mad!  

The next semester I was in a group with some of the same people. There was no way that they were going to let me “take-over” again. In fact, at first, I had difficulty getting them to listen to me at all. But we got through it. I had to rebuild the group’s “trust” in me and more members were actively involved." 

What I Learned

bulletWhen more people are involved in the decisions, more people are involved in the work
bulletWe had better and more ideas than I could have on my own.  I think I learned more.


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