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bullet Use the "Dove" methods of brainstorming or other techniques linked to this page:

            D = defer judgment

            O = off-beat ideas

            V = vast number of ideas

            E = expand ideas


1. Work individually with no talking for 2 minutes. Individually list as many ideas as you can. Remember, no idea is too ridiculous.

2. Facilitator asks for group members to list ideas. Recorder writes phrases on the flip chart. NO EXPLANATIONS, COMMENTS, OR JUDGMENTS ARE SHARED BY THE PERSON OR GROUP MEMBERS!

3. While and after group members have shared their comments, others can suggest other ideas or spin-offs.

4. At this point, members can explain their ideas so that they can be discussed and debated by the group. The facilitator can lead the discussion toward a consensus, by asking each member to choose their top three choices and comparing them with each other, or use other decision making strategies.


bulletencourages buy-in from members
bulletavoids "group-think"
bulletincludes those from cultures who are more passive
bulletminimizes most vocal member from overpowering group








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