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Managing Schedules?

One way to help keep everyone on track is to develop a project grid. It can either be a paper or an online version. While it probably won't be complete by the first session, it can help group members see the project goals and tasks, time line for completion along with who is responsible for the tasks. Sometimes, it helps to work backwards by listing the date the project is due, then determining how much time before that the group needs to have a draft complete (a week?) allowing for  last minute changes or glichés to be corrected. If a presentation is involved, the group may want to do a practice or dry run...when and where will that be done? The key is writing the plan together and routinely having updated copies for members to keep the group focused. Even though plans can and do change, having a schedule allows for revisions that are managed rather than a result of crisis because no one knows what is going on. 

Sample Project Management Grid

List requirements of the project:

Topic group has decided on:

Group members' names and contact information:

Task or Duties

 By Who

Where or How

By When

Decide on Topic All bring 2-3 ideas Classroom C; from library search & interviews April 5, 2005
Read and bring 5 articles All bring summaries of articles; Outline sections and assign areas at meeting Higher Grounds Coffee on Anthony Blvd. April 17, 2005

Write draft sections and e-mail to all members


Member 1:  Introduction/problem statement

Member 2.  Lit review

Member 3.  interviews

Member 4. findings and summary

Members 1,2,3 e-mail notes to member 4 May 5, 2005
Edit paper Member 1, E-mail to group May 12, 2005
Respond to final draft Member 2,3,4 Classroom B May 19, 2005
Revise paper

Prepare Power Point


Member 1,

Member 2,3,4


Computer Lab C May 26, 2005
Edit Power Point and print copies Member 2 e-mail to group May 30, 2005
Practice Presentation All Classroom B June 02, 2005
Presentation & PowerPoint  All Classroom C  June 12, 2005

Read more about project management in groups.

Think about virtual meetings to help with busy schedules.


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