PSY 550 - Introduction to Clinical Psychology


Dr. DeFonso


Tentative Schedule Spring, 2007



These are the approximate dates on which the following topics will be covered:


Coverage will include familiarization with the test/ assessment instrument, learning to administer the test, practice administration with classmates, learning to score and interpret the test, and learning to write up the tests individually and as part of a battery.


You will also be able to obtain your own personal battery of test responses that you can later privately score and interpret.


In addition to general discussion of the tests in class, from time to time we will also discuss test responses obtained from your test subjects.


NOTE: All discussion of test materials is CONFIDENTIAL and not to leave the classroom.



Jan. 11, 18, 25 Intelligence Testing (Wechsler; others if time permits)


Feb. 1, 8, 15 Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)


Feb. 22 Rorschach


Mar. 1 H-T-P & Bender; MMPI




Mar. 15, 22 MMPI


March 29 Battery Report


Apr. 5, 12 Wechsler Memory Scale; Other tests/ instruments


Apr. 19, 26 Intake Interview Role-Plays


May 3 Final Class Wrap-up/ Evaluations, etc.



Report Deadlines Spring, 2007


NOTE: The rule re: deadlines is that papers submitted on or before the deadline date get a "free look"; i.e. I will give you feedback on your report without grading it. You may then make changes before submitting the report for a grade. Reports received after the deadline date will be graded "as is". Regardless of when you hand in your report, you may do a re-write at any time. However, the sooner you do your re-write, the more you will be able to benefit from the feedback received. Also, this will give you more time to do additional re-writes, should these be necessary or desirable.



Wechsler report #1 Thursday, February 1


Wechsler report #2 Thursday, February 15


TAT Analysis #1 Thursday, February 22


(Spring break March 5-9)


TAT Report #1 Thursday, March 15


TAT Analysis #2 Thursday, March 22


TAT Report #2 Thursday, April 5


H-T-P & Bender notes Thursday, March 29 *


MMPI #1 Thursday, March 29 *


MMPI #2 Thursday, April 12


Battery Report Thursday, April 19


Intake #1 Thursday, April 26

Intake #2 Thursday, May 3


* Dates out of sequence

NOTE: I am always happy to receive your reports early.