Teaching Assistants

You can get help in PSY 120 by attending office hours and/or review sessions led by Teaching Assistants (TAs). Appointments or sessions with TAs will earn you extra credit. (See below.)

TAs are juniors or seniors majoring in psychology who have been trained to help PSY 120 students on an individual basis, or in group exam review sessions. They may also help to grade your Gen.Ed. papers and possibly do a class presentation. During posted office hours, you may drop in any time and go over anything from my study guide or the book that you have questions about. There will also be a review session before each exam, in which you may ask questions or get clarification on the material for that exam.

Please note that the TAs will not necessarily have specific information contained in my lectures, nor can they provide you with copies of my class notes. Also, they will not "re-run" the material from regular classes for those who have missed them. If you miss a class, you are responsible for getting the notes from one of your classmates.

Attendance at TA office hours or exam review sessions is voluntary. You will not lose course credit if you do not attend. However, this is a good opportunity for you to increase your understanding of the course material, as well as your grade, and I recommend taking advantage of it. Besides, you will earn extra credit points by attending.

Each 50-60 minute session with a TA that you attend is worth 3 extra credit points. In order to get 3 points, you must stay for the whole session. If you attend for less than 50 minutes, your points will be prorated (approximately 1 point per 20-minute block.)

You may attend as many sessions as you wish. However, once you have accumulated a total of 16 extra credit points on either these sessions or extra Gen.Ed. papers, you will not earn extra credit by attending more sessions. You are encouraged to keep going, however, since what you learn in the sessions will continue to help you to do better on exams.

You may attend these sessions at any point during the semester. However, it is not recommended that you wait until the last few weeks to get your points. Remember, these sessions are designed to help you do the best you can in this course.

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