PSY 550 Free Look Policy


As explained in class, the “free look” policy means that I will make comments and give feedback on test interpretations and/or reports handed in by the free look deadline without assigning a grade.  You can then use this feedback in making revisions in your papers before handing them in for grading.


Please note the following:


1.     Assignments handed in for a free look do not have to be complete.  You may hand in whatever part of an assignment that you have finished.


2.     It is your choice whether or not to use my suggestions or feedback when handing in your papers for grading.  This is especially true for the TAT, since it relies heavily on interpretation.  If you wish to use some of my ideas, that’s OK, but if you think your original interpretations are closer to the mark, then stick with them.  You have the advantage of knowing the person, or at least seeing how they responded in the test situation.


3.     If my feedback does not involve interpretation, but instead involves errors, incomplete information, or format problems, etc., then I will expect you to make these corrections in your revised reports.


4.     VERY IMPORTANT - Every time you hand in an assignment, I need to have ALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS of the assignment.  That way, if there is something wrong with the revised versions, I can tell if you just didn’t make the corrections, or if I didn’t catch the error in the first place.


5.     When you hand in a testing report, I also need to have all of the test materials.  For the Wechsler tests, this means handing in the test form along with the report.  For the TAT, this means handing in the analysis along with the report.  For the MMPI, this means handing in your profile sheet along with your notes on which you based your report. 


6.     If you don’t hand in an assignment by the free look deadline, it will be graded “as is”.  However, you may still revise and re-submit it in order to get a better grade.  As stated above, all previous versions must also be handed in.  (Remember, ANY report can be revised and re-submitted.)