Abnormal Psychology 2008 Online course

Intro to the course

Ch 1 First Lecture Intro and Historical Foundations

Ch 1 Research methods in abnormal psychology

Ch 4 Classification

Ch 5 Stress and Coping

Ch 6 Body Maladaptations

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Munchausen By Proxy

Ch 8 Anxiety Disorders

Transgender Issues

Ch 10 Personality Disorders

Ch 11 Mood Disorders and Suicide

Ch 12 Schizophrenia

Ch 13 Disorders of Cognitive Impairment

Ch 3 A Treatment Case Study

Ch14 Substance Use Disorders

Psych Aspects of Alcohol Use

Ch 3 Cognitive therapy

Dialectic Behavior Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder

Ch 17 Confidentiality

introduction to psychology

The Nervous System Part 1

Brain Trauma video

Operant Conditioning

Ethnic Identity Development

Mood Disorders

Experiment/research methods

cross cultural psy online course summer 2009

introduction to cross cultural Psy

Biology and Culture

Methodology in Research

Cultural Transmission & Individual Development

Ethnic Identity Development

Ethnocentrism and Privilege

Cross Cultural Issues in Defining and Measuring Intelligence

Culture, health and illness

Assessment issues with ethnic and racial populations

Health Disparities in the US

LGBT Identity Development

Acculturation and Health

Nuts and Bolts Training

Nuts and Bolts

Psych of Women

Introduction to the Psychology of women

Cultural representation of Gender

Gender Self-concept



Women's Physical Health

Women's Mental Health

Middle Sexes

Group 1 presentation

Group 2 presentation

Group 4 Presentation

Group 6 Presentation

Group 7 Presentation

Group 8 Presentation

Group 10 Presentation