IMPORTANT NOTE:  Cross Cultural Psychology has been approved as an Area VI General Education course.


In this class, we will explore the field of psychology from a cultural perspective, taking into account not only group differences, but also similarities between cultural groups.  The science of psychology had traditionally been founded on the presumption that perception, motivation, reactions to stress, psychological disorders, personality development, group behavior, and so forth, were the same across all cultures and ethnicities.  This is not accurate.  Principles of human behavior that apply to one group do not necessarily apply to other groups in the same way.


For example:

Auditory hallucinations (hearing voices) are conceptualized differently across cultures.

Certain mental disorders exist in some cultures but not in others.

Premenstrual syndrome does not exist in some cultures.

The more “Americanized” some Asian persons become, the greater their risk of heart


Sleep patterns and dreaming vary across cultures.

Hunter and gatherer cultures have a lower rate of color blindness than cultures who

engage primarily in agriculture.


And so on…..



In addition to restructuring psychology from a cross-cultural perspective, we will, of course, be looking at individual and group identity development as a function of ethnicity, discuss the research regarding prejudice and discrimination, and evaluate how science has contributed to the perpetuation of ethnic stereotypes.


You will have plenty of opportunities to earn points toward your final grade.  There will be two short-answer essay exams, some brief writing assignments, in-class group exercises, out-of-class experiential assignments.


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Hope to see you this fall!!

Dr. D.