Have you been diagnosed with Depression?


We are conducting a study at the Department of Psychology at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne on the effects of chronic illness on aspects of the intimate relationship


If you (or your spouse/partner) have had a diagnosis of depression for at least two years, have been married/partnered (meaning in an intimate domestic relationship with the same person) for at least five years and have never had any of the following:


A head injury with a loss of consciousness

A history of any neurological disorder

A history of any other chronic physical disease

Psychiatric treatment not related to the depression

Active substance abuse within the past five years


And if your spouse/partner is also willing to participate:


You and your spouse may be qualified to participate in our study.  Participation involves first a screening process to determine your eligibility to participate.  If you are then enrolled in the study, your participation would take on average about 2 ˝ - 3 hours.  You would fill out several questionnaires about your relationship, your symptoms, your mood, and so forth.  You will then be administered a battery of cognitive tests that will assess your memory, problem solving abilities, reading ability, and the like.  The risks to you are minimal—you may experience some fatigue and mild frustration during the testing, but no more than you might experience on an average day.  Spouses will complete several questionnaires about their perceptions of your illness, the relationship, mood, coping styles, and so forth.  All information will be confidential and your names will not be associated in any way with any of the data from the study.



At the conclusion of the study, if you wish, you may receive a copy of the final report.


For more information, contact Dr. Jeannie DiClementi