Health Psychology Laboratory

Jeannie D. DiClementi, Psy.D., Director


My research is in the area of health psychology and I will have many opportunities for students to become research assistants at all levels of involvement.  I am interested in the study of the biopsychosocial factors associated with physical illness and/or wellness.  Specifically, my research interests are in the areas of couples’ dynamics and spousal strain associated with one partner’s chronic illness, adherence to treatment recommendations, and information processing styles as they affect illness perception.


In the immediate future, I will be conducting a study of predictors of strain in the spouses of persons with chronic illnesses.  The study will take a look at physical versus cognitive versus psychiatric symptoms and their different effects on the experience of the spouse.  I am also going to be working with the Gates Sports Center and the Health and Wellness center here on campus to investigate the effects of group versus individual cognitive-behavioral interventions to enhance adherence to health-related lifestyle changes such as participation in an exercise program or adhering to a medication regimen.  I have a meeting with them coming up to finalize a protocol to submit to the human subjects committee.  I will also be conducting a study this summer investigating the effects of different styles of communicating medical information by a provider on people’s perceptions of the provider and their recall of the information.


I could use lots of student assistants for many tasks that range from copying materials to scheduling participants in the lab, and a range of data collection duties including conducting telephone screening, administering structured interviews, paper-and-pencil measures, and tests of intellectual and cognitive function and maintaining a database.  So, there will be opportunities for students at all levels.  You may start out as a “scut puppy” as we say in the hospital, but you can certainly work your way up in my lab.  Give me a call at 481-6397 or email me at