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Family Photos

Margie, Terry, Monica 
& Jeanne Dougherty 
Brian, Jen & Morgan Kay Schultz

Monica's Pictures from Kazakhstan

New - Photo Album of Monica's Peace Corps Environmental Science and other activities

Jeanne's Christmas 1998
More of Jeanne's Pictures
Jeanne's Spring Break 1999

Matthew - Back from Down Under

Brian & Jen
Brian & Jen


Newlyweds Nov. 22, 1997

Favorite summer passtime


She's in ZTA sorority at IU 
Bloomington. She spent 
Spring break 1999 on a mission trip.

 IU class of 98 Now she's a 
Peace CorpsVolunteer in 
Pavlodar, Kazakhstan

Jeanne's 21st Birthday 

FamilyPhotos by Terry Dougherty