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I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Afghanistan

1972 to1975

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Terry Dougherty, newly arrived PCV trainee. Jalalabad, 1972 
I have changed in many ways since this picture was taken. I will always be grateful for the opportunity of serving in the Peace Corps. Afghanistan, too, has gone through many changes. I pray for a return to peace in Afghanistan. These great people have suffered enough!  


Here I am talking to my students in the mulberry gardent in Taloqan.


A PCV gathering 
The Thanksgiving day gathering in Kundoz at the home of the lucky married vols. Tom Lent, Sandy Applegate, Mary Beth and Howard Fletcher. That's Howard on the roof. The turkey was so stupid it drowned in the ditch before we could kill it properly. (Not Howard, we actually had a turkey!) We all played American football after dinner. 

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