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Family Photos

Margie, Terry, Monica 
& Jeanne Dougherty 
Brian, Jen & Morgan Kay Schultz

Monica's Pictures from Kazakhstan
New- Photo Album of Monica's Peace Corps Environmental Science andother activities

Jeanne's Christmas 1998
More of Jeanne's Pictures
Jeanne's Spring Break 1999
Lots of New Pictures
MorganKay Schultz
Other Friends
Matthew Rohrs - in Austrailia

Brian & Jen
Brian & Jen


Newlyweds Nov. 22, 1997

Morgan Kay Schultz


She's in ZTA sorority at IU 
Bloomington. She spent 
Spring break 1999 on a mission trip.

 IU class of 98 Now she's a 
Peace CorpsVolunteer in 
Pavlodar, Kazakhstan

Jeanne's 21st Birthday 

Jeanne and Matthew Rohrs

Christmas 1998

FamilyPhotos by Terry Dougherty