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Course Syllabus

Course:  L300   Semester:  Fall 2006

Instructor:  Laura Lydy    Office:  CM 33   Phone:  481-0479  


Meeting time & location: arranged

Description:  L300 classes are one-on-one private guitar lessons.  The lessons meet once a week and are 50 minutes long.

Prerequisites:  Students may only take L300 after successfully completing an audition. The performance requirements necessary to pass an audition are described on the Entry Requirements syllabus, available at the Music Office or from the instructor.

Text and materials:  Method books, guitar literature and technical studies will be determined by the instructor throughout the semester.  It is the student’s responsibility to acquire the needed materials in a timely manner.

Instrument:  Guitar concentrations must have a nylon-string classical guitar, approved by the instructor.

Course requirements:  Each semester the L300 student is required to perform works from each of the three groups: 1) 16th to 18th centuries, 2) 19th and 20th centuries and 3) etudes and technical studies.  Specific works for each L300 student are determined by the instructor on a case-by-case basis according to the student’s interests and previous study.  As a general guideline, the student should have an average of one or more new pages of music prepared each week.

Course objectives:  L300 is intended to prepare the student for the Upper Divisional examination, which takes place at the end of four semesters of study, and the senior Guitar Recital, which takes place during the student’s final semester.  To these ends, the guitar concentration must become acquainted with works from all major historical periods and with styles particularly important to the guitar.  Issues of technique and interpretations are addressed throughout the semester and throughout the guitar concentration’s four years of study.

It is essential that the student supplement lessons and practice with listening.  Only by hearing a broad range of classic guitar music, played by a variety of artists, can the student make informed interpretive and technical decisions regarding the pieces he or she is learning.

For more information on course objectives, requirements and sample repertoire, consult the four-year syllabus for guitar concentrations, available from the instructor.

Attendance:  The student is expected to be at all lessons.  More than three missed lessons could result in a failing grade.  If a lesson must be cancelled, please notify the instructor ahead of time.

Practice:  L300 students are required to practice a minimum of two to three hours per day.  More practice may be necessary.

Juries:    The student is required to perform in a jury at the end of the semester.  A repertoire sheet (available at the Music Office.) should be filled out by the student prior to the jury and submitted to the jury panel.  This sheet lists all the pieces the student has worked on during the semester.  The student then performs pieces taken from the repertoire sheet, along with scales and sight-reading.

Grading:    Grades are determined by attendance, amount of material covered, and the student’s command of that material.  At the end of the semester the student receives a studio grade, based on his or her overall performance in the lessons and a jury.  Each is half the final grade.

Four Year Syllabus